Risk Manager

TerraBase Inc is pleased to announce the completion of its new TerraBase Risk Management Module (Alpha version):

The TerraBase Risk Manager is composed of three new additions to our software:

  • Risk Man Editor (alpha version 1.0) 
  • Enterprise Query (beta version 2.0)
  • TerraBase Risk Tech Extension for ArcView (beta version 2.72)

These tools have been designed with our clients in mind to allow TerraBase users to efficiently manage environmental standards using the Risk Man Editor application. The Risk Man Editor will allow you to store and maintain regulation sets your projects and clients need. Once you have added your regulation sets, you can use these standards to compare your TerraBase site analytical data to them by designing queries in Enterprise Query V2.0 and simply selecting the option to compare the results to your standards.

Enterprise Query 2.0

  • Include multiple regulation standards – this option will include your results along with the standard value, units, and carcinogen flag. You will be able to flag the exceedances in the query results.
  • Include a single regulation standard – this option includes your results along with an exceedances flag for all values that exceeded the criteria value. You will also see all of the metadata associated with the single standard.
  • Exceedances Only – if enabled, you will only see analytical records that exceeded the standards that you select. Alternatively, you can leave this option disabled, and flag the records that exceeded the standard(s) in you query results preview.
  • Export Query Results to Excel and Arcview

TerraBase Risk Tech Extension for ArcView

The TerraBase Risk Tech Extension will enable you to display the results of your Enterprise Query comparison query in your ArcView project.