Data Management

Managing Your Data

Environmental data are inclusive of the full spectrum of historical, current and future data collected for any site. This data has four main parts including: geological, geographical, ecological and analytical. Of these four parts, analytical is the most critical (accounting for up to 80% of environmental data) since it is in a constant state of measurement and change. The crisis today is the inability to effectively manage and control the volume of incoming data, as well as historical data.

By education and professional training TerraBase Inc. staff are analytical and environmental service providers, with the core of the staff coming out of the analytical laboratory business. Initially the company assisted clients in the planning of routine and complex analytical laboratory testing programs, to ensure the results of analyses accurately reflected what was being sampled. This analytical planning and implementation evolved into services including:

  • Developing or verifying existing Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs).
  • Assisting laboratories in providing the appropriately formatted electronic and hard copy deliverables.
  • Anticipating and resolving issues involved in the analytical process
  • Coordinating sample acquisition and field logistics between the client, field personnel, and analytical laboratory.
  • Providing the scientific expertise in data validation to ensure that the data is defensible in the event it is challenged.
  • Regulatory and/or method specific analytical consulting.