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Organizing your Data

“How do I get my legacy data into your system?” This is probably the most common question people ask before purchasing a new data management system. The first step towards realizing a comprehensive database is research and organization. TerraBase Inc. can help you locate and identify existing digital and hardcopy data sets from any source. After the data sets are identified, we thoroughly review the data for accuracy, completeness and electronic readiness. After data review, we offer recommendations and options to migrate your legacy data into your new data management system. At this point, TerraBase Inc. will also help you consider different organizational structures for your data, assuring that your long-term goals for data usability are met.

TerraBase Inc. believes in immediately eliminating potentially faulty legacy data systems. The sooner your labs and data generators are producing valid electronic deliverables, the sooner legacy data systems can be eliminated. TerraBase Inc. will help you standardize your current data streams to meet the criteria you set forth in your organization structure for your data management system. Once we have the data sources evaluated and configured, it’s time to start entering the data.