What Is TerraBase-Web?

How to Log In TerraBase-Web?

  • Obtain your Username and Password from TerraBase Inc. representatives.
  • At the address line in any Internet browser, enter www.terrabaseonline.com to be directly connected to your login screen for the TerraBase ASP system.
  • Enter your Username in the box provided.
  • Enter your Password in the box provided.
  • Click the “Log In” button.
  • After your security information is verified, you will see a user-specific switchboard screen that contains the TerraBase icon (and any others defined in your ASP contract with TerraBase Inc). This screen also provides tools which permit you to change your password, etc., and perform other data management functions.
  • Click on the TerraBase icon to launch the program. You will be running the TerraBase ASP system through your web browser.