What Is TerraBase-Web?

Why Choose Web Over Traditional?

It’s cost-effective:

  • No Software to purchase and install.
  • No Hardware to purchase, configure or maintain.
  • Utilize your IT staff on other priorities.
  • Use software tools that may otherwise be too costly.
  • Pass subscription fees on to your clients when you work on their projects.
  • Reduced management costs.
  • Using subscriptions eliminates capital expenditures.
  • Stay current with the latest software versions with free upgrades.

Faster implementation

Is your IT department understaffed and overutilized? Where do you fit into your IT staffs priorities? Does your IT staff have the technical expertise you require? If you are asking these questions, TerraBaseOnline is the solution you’ve been looking for. No longer will you have to worry about software/hardware implementation while your project timeline disappears. Our technical experts understand the issues that normal IT departments aren’t staffed to address. Our familiarity with TerraBase implementation allows us to get you working in a fraction of the time that your IT department could. At TerraBase Inc., you’re our number one customer and we are committed to respond to your needs and requests.

Reduces IT overhead

Using an ASP system can be a real advantage for businesses that don’t have an extensive IT staff, or for those needing their IT staff to focus on other areas of the business.

Deciding wether to employ an ASP requires careful consideration. It is important to understand the principles behind these new (and sometimes confusing) technologies.

You can access the ASP software and files directly from your desktop, just like any other web site. Passwords, usernames, and other security measures are employed to keep unauthorized visitors from accessing your private information — ASP security is normally more robust than what you may have in your own company. Although your software is outside your company walls, so also are the everyday IT nuisances: maintenance, upgrades, and configuration issues. The TerraBase™ ASP system can also provide additional services, consulting, and training as part of your package.