What Is TerraBase?


TerraBase is an intuitive, SQL-compliant relational database application designed for environmental professionals and managers who need to assess and manage chemical, geological and spatial data at one or more sites.

TerraBase allows for the automated import of chemical and field data for any media through standard electronic formats delivered from an analytical laboratory or geotechnical data from field activities. Data can be rapidly queried and automatically displayed spatially in ArcView, 3D Analyst. TerraBase is equipped with powerful reporting capabilities allowing the user to print spatial and tabular results in pre-formatted reports as well as output data queries automatically to other applications (Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Crystal Reports, etc.). TerraBase has the unique capability to efficiently manage up to four levels of analytical data quality that can be combined by the environmental data user to obtain the “best analytical result”.

Your Problem

The process of identifying data, organizing it and verifying data accuracy can be a major obstacle. Converting data from a variety of digital and hardcopy formats can also be difficult and costly. Providing distributed access to data within an organization, and controlling access to that data creates additional challenges. How does your organization manage implementation costs and support, or maintain compatibility between various operating systems and software configurations? Capital expenditures for hardware and software purchases are scrutinized today more than ever. Consequently, these barriers restrict the ability of data owners, managers and consultants from conducting meaningful data analysis on their sites.

Our Solution

TerraBase software helps you organize and assemble both historical and current data streams into a single, accurate data set. Data entry errors are minimized by reducing or eliminating manual data entry, and relying on electronic verification and importation of data. Once the data passes our electronic verification process and is imported, users can spatially view, query or import/export their data from various physical locations. Issues related to implementation, support, distributed access or capital expenditures for hardware/software are all eliminated using our web based solutions. With your existing internet access, a database filled with accurate, up-to-date environmental data can be shared among your organizations users no matter where they are located or what hardware/software configuration they are using.