Data Entry

Entering your Data

Our Data Management Team has extensive experience in data entry, and can help you overcome the daunting task of data entry. TerraBase Inc. provides guidance and/or services for manual and electronic data entry. After helping you identify and organize your data, we are very familiar with your long-term strategies for data organization and usability. Our manual and electronic data entry processes include a rigorous QA evaluation after the data is entered. By allowing us to input your data, you are assured of a more organized, reliable and accurate database.

In some cases, customers contract TerraBase Inc. for the initial data population only. This prevents customers from becoming involved with issues related to historical and variant data sources. TerraBase Inc. can populate a database more cost-effectively, because of the time it takes to understand the various data formats typically associated with legacy or real-time data. After the initial data population, the customer may rely on TerraBase Inc.’s training programs or technical support to normalize their existing data streams, so data can be electronically verified and entered into TerraBase.