Enterprise Query

TerraBase Inc.’s Enterprise Query Engine is an add-on application used to construct complex query definitions across one or more sites in any TerraBase database (stand-alone, network or enterprise edition). By applying the query “filters”, you can easily bring large amounts of data together for quick analyses… even if they are from different sites residing in your TerraBase database (e.g. watershed management). Your query results are exportable to MS Office tools such as Excel, Access, text files or HTML. Query definitions may be saved for future use and/or sent to another Enterprise Query user saving you time in understanding the complexity of your data set. The Enterprise Query application is a “must have tool” for corporate wide users and regulators alike managing multiple sites with “too little time”.

  • Your data is searchable with combinations of over 50 unique parameters
  • Filter queries by geography, project, SDG, lab, sample location, analytical parameters, sample parameters, depth and date.
  • Save your queries for later use
  • Export your data to MS Excel, MS Access, bar-delimited text files, or HTML