What Is TerraBase-Web?

What is an ASP?

Instead of purchasing a software package and installing it on your own hard drives or servers, you can employ an Application Service Provider (ASP) to host and manage your software application on the Web. ASPs can host a wide variety of software, from brand name packaged software applications to huge back-end data management programs that support entire companies.

Simply put, the TerraBase Application Service Provider system (terrabaseonline.com) provides TerraBase’s family of software applications to users on a subscription basis over the Internet for a flat monthly charge. For the monthly fee, the customer “rents” all or selected parts of the TerraBase software suite. The software is deployed, hosted, and administered in a centrally managed facility. The technique allows the customer to avoid high ownership costs associated with traditional IT services. TerraBase can capitalize on the newest technologies and economies of scale by offering ASP users a comprehensive data management system in conjunction with standardized data storage, security, backups, remote access, and administration services within one single package.