GIS Extensions

TerraBase features a seamless interface with ArcView GIS. Data that would normally be a simple spreadsheet or report is automatically displayed on a map to show features such as 2D and 3D contours, subsurface detail and a whole lot more.

TerraBase ArcView Extension Features

  • Automatic import of chemical, geological and other environmental data
  • Two and three dimensional spatial analyses of chemical data and geotechnical data
  • Automatic generation of potentiometric contours
  • Automatic generation of chemical concentration contours
  • Automatic generation of soil boring logs
  • Automatic generation of monitoring well cross section diagrams
  • Automatic generation of hydrographs with corresponding chemical concentration data
  • Seamless integration with ArcView 3.2a and 3D Analyst
  • Seamless output to Microsoft products (Excel, Word, Access)
  • Generation of “chemicals of concern” list
  • Manages analytical information from any media/matrix
  • Powerful built-in reporting features and report design capabilities Crystal Reports Crosstab
  • Time vs. Concentration plots
  • Supports up to four levels of data quality for chemical data
  • Query/reporting capabilities across multiple sites using the Enterprise Query Application
  • Scalable versions from Workstation to Enterprise, and Web-Enabled
  • Scalable versions from Workstation to Enterprise, and Web-Enabled
  • Customizable reports using Seagate’s Crystal reports
  • Runs on Windows 98, 98SE, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems
  • Enterprise Editions are available for Oracle 8.x and Microsoft SQL Server 7.x & 2000
  • Seamless integration with ArcView GIS, ArcView 3D Analyst
  • Data format checkers and translators available
  • Sample Info tool lets user review sample history for each individual mapped sample location
  • Timeline tool lets user review sampling history at mapped locations; user can add customized events
  • Document Manager links mapped site to other files and documents
  • Layout Tool creates quick map for printing
  • Overview window shows entire site with “you are here” graphic


  • Analytical Query tool sends data to map, Excel, Crystal Reports report, Crystal Reports crosstab
  • Analytical Query supports summary queries (maximum, minimum, or average result) by matrix, location, or date
  • Analytical Query supports the filtering of results in TerraBase by project, site, sample location, matrix, media, fraction, analyte, date, result qualifier, concentration, sample type, analytical method, detection limit, and sample depth
  • Analytical Query supports unit conversion and selection of desired level of data quality associated with results


  • Geotechnical Query sends groundwater data to map, Excel, Crystal Reports report, contouring, or 3D scene
  • Geotechnical Query sends lithology data to map, Excel, Crystal Reports report, or ESRI 3D scene
  • Geotechnical Query sends well construction data to map, Excel, Crystal Reports report, or 3D scene
  • Geotechnical Query supports filtering results by well type, well install date, well depth, soil type, well diameter, well status, site, and well name
  • Geotechnical Reports generates boring logs, cross section diagrams, or hydrographs (plots of multiple chemicals and groundwater against time, with option for free product thickness plot)
  • Soil Profiles shows lithology for selected wells, with user tools to create soil layers; final results can be printed or sent to layout for display

3D Analyst Extension

  • Site Wizard allows for adding and editing site information, customizing site base maps, and adding locations to TerraBase by clicking on the map
  • Supports analyte or groundwater contouring; contouring tool allows for adding or deleting data points, choosing method (inverse distance weighted, spline, universal kriging, or trend), creating surface or TIN for 3D display, labeling contours, and adding flow lines
  • Supports visualization of analytical or geotechnical query results in 3D scene, which can be rotated and flipped for full 360 degree views